Top Vietnamese Dishes You Should Try

Top Vietnamese Dishes You Should Try

Vietnamese dishes are famous all over the world. They are known for being easy to prepare, filled with healthy ingredients and are flavourful. It is also among the reasons why you can find Vietnamese restaurants in many places. As you walk down the streets of London, you will see a Vietnamese restaurant. These dishes appeal to almost everyone. If you have not yet dined in a Vietnamese restaurant London offers, or have never been to Vietnam, here are some recipes that you should try first.


It is one of the most popular Vietnamese cuisines. It is a noodle soup with meat and vegetables. The best part about this dish is its neutral taste. You can modify it with seasoning so that it can appeal to anyone. Pho usually uses flat rice noodles and either beef or chicken as the meat. For toppings, you can choose from chilis, lime, bean sprouts, basil, and many others.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls are available as fried or fresh. Either way, you are getting lots of vegetables and an explosion of flavours. The dish also comes with a dip which adds more flavour. If you are into spicy dishes, there are spicy dips available too. You can have a spring roll with meat like chicken or prawn, or the real vegetable option. Rice paper rolls are used to envelop the fillings.

Vietnamese Dishes-spring rolls

Banh Mi

It is a baguette with fillings. It is one of the remnants of French influence in the country. Baguettes are sliced in half and filled with different fillings, including pork liver, Vietnamese sausage, and vegetables. You may also add mayonnaise to blend all the ingredients.

Thit Nuong

A grilled marinated pork dish served on skewers; it is famous as a quick snack, sometimes served in Banh Mi. It can also be stuffed inside the spring roll or as toppings to the pho. The sweetness and richness of the taste make Vietnamese grilled pork even better.  

Xoi Ga

Sticky rice is quite popular in various parts of Asia, and Vietnam is one of these countries. This dish is served directly with sticky rice. You eat the chicken strips with the sticky rice and other herbs like crispy shallots and sesame. You may also add soy for a richer flavour.

Vietnamese Dishes-Xoi Ga

These are just among the most popular Vietnamese dishes you can try. There are a lot more for you if you decide to dine at a Vietnamese restaurant. Again, there is no need to fly all the way to Vietnam. You can make a reservation in a restaurant in London now, and finally give any, or all of these dishes, a try. You will love Vietnamese dishes just as much as other people. Some restaurants also offer delivery services. If you are tired of going out, ask them to deliver your chosen dish to your home. You will never go wrong with Vietnamese cuisine. It is tasty and healthy. You won’t be ashamed even if you eat quite a lot.