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Travel Guide: Bed & Breakfast in UK, US, Canada, Australia

Bed & Breakfast in the UK

In many tourist areas it’s not unusual to walk down a street where nearly every house has a B&B sign stuck in the window. Even in the countryside, people are not shy about advertising. The houses come in all styles and sizes but what they all have in common is the great F.E.B the Full English Breakfast, usually consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, fried bread and often with a thick slice of black pudding. (Otherwise known as blood pudding, this is an acquired taste).

Bed & Breakfast in Canada and the United States

B&B’s are not necessarily the cheap option to staying in hotels, as they are in Europe and one of the things you will notice immediately is how up-market they are. Many are historic homes furnished with antiques; one day you might find yourself in a Greek Revival mansion in Mississippi or an elegant Georgian house in downtown Toronto. However, one thing they all have in common is absolutely fabulous breakfasts. Par for the course is freshly baked bread, blueberry muffins, home-made jams, pancakes with delicious fruit syrups – not for those fighting the battle of the bulge!

Bed & Breakfast in Australia

There is a great variety of places to stay: apart from conventional family homes there are historic houses, country homesteads and inner city townhouses. You can find B&B’s throughout Australia. Breakfasts are hearty and you can find yourself facing a huge plate of steak, eggs, and sausages. However, if this is too much for you, Australia has an incredible variety of fruit, like strawberry mangoes, hairy red rambutans, jackfruit or mangosteins. If you’re in the Outback you could be offered “bush tucker” in the form of camel or crocodile steaks.