tropical storm helene

Tropical Storm Helene to Hit Britain Monday Night

Tropical storm Helene is expected to sweep in Britain from the West Monday night with winds speed of up to 65 miles per hour, said Met Office with yellow warning to remain alert on Tuesday on the streets because delays may occur for rail, road, air and ferry travelers.

The main warning is between 6 pm on Monday and 8 am on Tuesday and the areas of concern include West Wales, Cornwall, Devon, County Down in Ireland and the western coast of North East England. According to Met Office the start would be fairly bright on Monday in central parts while the northern parts would be cloudier initially. England and Wales would be sunny in first half of the day and later to turn grey. Scotland and Northern Ireland would be cloudy.

Monday’s temperatures would be between high teens and low twenties and in London city it may rise up to 26C. The night would have heavy rain, the direction of which would be towards north west Wales. The wind speed in the western coasts would be between 40 and 50 miles per hour. This may go up to 65 miles per hour. Tuesday would start as windy and further rain into the western parts of the UK.

On Tuesday the Temperatures would be a bit down and people in London to experience 24C. On Wednesday the winds speed would increase.

Forecaster said, “But it isn’t all bad news. After our recording-breaking summer temperatures are still a little higher than average, giving us a chance to hold off from the winter wardrobe for a little longer.”