donald trump in france

Trump cancels trip to American cemetery in France citing bad weather

United States President Donald Trump cancelled his trip to the Beleau Wood battlefield and a US military cemetery in French capital Paris due to bad weather.

According to a statement released by the White House the president has dispatched another member to pay tribute as he finds logistical difficulties for his attending.

However, insiders in the French government said the bad weather excuse does not wash and it was not so difficult for Trump to attend.

The first World War ended officially in November 1918 and Trump is paying a visit to France to mark the 100th anniversary of it. His visit has a rocky start. He offended French counterpart Emmanuel Macron saying the plan for a European military was insulting.

The US leader tweeted it moments after getting off his plane in Paris. Both the leaders thereafter came face to face in a meeting.

Following the meeting the two men and first lady Melania Trump were scheduled to attend the battlefield of Belleau Wood where the US troops in 1918 stopped a German push for the French capital and proved America’s mettle to foes and allies alike.

The cemetery contains graves of 2,289 servicemen as well as 1,060 others.

The White House announced Marine I helicopter was not suited for short journey due to clouds and dizzle.

An insider said, “The Trump’s could easily have got to Beaulleau by road too – with a limousine escort it would take less than an hour.”

Sunday morning Trump is scheduled for another cemetery visit at Suresnes.