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Two Must Watch Halloween Movies Featuring Fight Between Good, Evil

The Exorcist

This movie can still scare me even after several viewings. The movie was released in December of 1973 and went on to become to this day one of the highest earning movies. It earned a stunning 10 Academy Award nominations but lost best picture to The Sting. The popularity of this movie showed with the lines of people who went to see it when it was re-released on March 17, 2000. It has topped several”most Scariest Movies” list including Entertainment Weekly and by the viewers of AMC in 2006. While many critics panned the movie at the first release, the viewing public loved the horror story that was loosely based on an actual incident. Like all really good horror movies there have been a couple of sequels and even the dreaded prequel but as in all genres, they were not as good as the original.

The Shining

Stephen King can scare us in many ways. Sometimes just a photo of him is enough to give me the shivers but many of his movies have been lacking in the gripping of your seat, cover your eyes type of horror. However The Shining which was released in 1980 and again in 1997 as a television mini-series is one of King’s most memorable horror movies. The movie keeps the viewer in suspense as a family disintegrates in a snowed –in hotel. Is it the hotel that is mad or is it the world weary father? King’s view of the innate insanity in all of us makes the viewers question their own sanity as they watch.