hurricane irma

UK Denies Fund To Its Caribbean Territories After Hurricane Irma

The British government says its Caribbean territories hit by hurricane Irma are too wealthy and does not qualify for aid under the official international criteria, which overseas development assistance.

The criteria is set by the OECD thinktank and Conservatives has always criticized for being too restrictive in the nature. The British government sets 13 billion pound for such aid budget.

Government spokesperson said, “This is an unprecedented disaster and it was absolutely right that the UK responded immediately to the need of the people affected – this was our primary focus and continues to be our priority.”

An official from the government said they always stand by the side of people on British territories in times of crisis and nothing held them back in sending help, which is based on the need of the region.

Meanwhile, just ahead of the announced a news came that another 25 million pound aid will be provided to the hurricane-wrecked British overseas territories of Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands.

The additional fund was announced by British Prime Minister Theresa May while foreign secretary Boris Johnson visited the British Caribbean islands.

Boris Johnson said the people really need help and many things need to be done on urgent basis like setting up the schools properly, get the airport back to operative mode, get the hospital running and generation of power.

United Kingdom now is facing immense criticism for being indifference and French President Emmanuel Macron said security of British overseas territories lies in the hand of UK government constitutionally.