UK Fishing Industry May Be At Risk With Wider Brexit Negotiations: Report

The UK fishing industry may land in trouble after Brexit, warns a report by House of Lords.

It is said Britain need to allow those boats to fish in UK waters which are EU-registered as part of an overall deal. The Lords argue the UK fishing communities could be at greater risk of being marginalized in the negotiations.

During the referendum campaign the fishing regions in the UK voted heavily in favor of Brexit.

Usually the European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is said to be a disaster for Britain due to its quotas and principle of equal access to fishing grounds for boats coming from all EU member states. This dislike encouraged Britain’s fishing community to campaign for leave vote in the referendum.

Many believes Brexit would help the fishing community in regaining control over the UK waters and also the country may become a leading fish-exporting nation in future like Norway.

However, it is important to take a note of the report of House of Lords as it points out the opportunities as well as risk for the UK industry.

The UK fishing industry employs only about 12,000 fishers and it produces just a half of one percent of GDP. The figure reveals the industry might be a low priority for the government.

However, it is also being said in wider Brexit negotiations the UK fishing industry must not be marginalized.

It is also not to forget the most commercial fish stocks are in waters which are shared by UK as well as other EU coastal states.