UK Heatwave Causing Severe Problems.


The UK’s all-time temperature record could be broken by Friday as the hot and dry summer continues.

Highs of up to 37C (99F) are forecast in southern, eastern and central England, but the Met Office says “if conditions all come together”, the record of 38.5C (101F) could be beaten.

But much of England could experience thunderstorms and hail showers on Friday, bringing the risk of flash flooding and some places could see as much as 30mm of rainfall in an hour and 60mm in three hours according to the sources.

Meanwhile, fire crews are urging people enjoying barbecues and other outdoor activities in dry areas to avoid “careless and reckless” behaviour that could start a blaze.

Britain’s prolonged heatwave will impact food supplies later this year and would exacerbate any disruption caused by a hard Brexit, an industry lobby group warned on Wednesday.

Ian Wright, director general of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), said if Britain left the EU next March without a deal, disruption at customs and border crossings could impact food supplies.He also said Britain’s long spell of hot sunny weather and little rain would start to hit supplies in the autumn.”We’re going through the most extraordinary summer and we’re already seeing farmers struggling with crops, with feed for ruminants (cattle and sheep). There are vegetable shortages because there hasn’t been enough rain,” Wright told BBC radio.

On Tuesday Brexit minister Dominic Raab said the British government will ensure there are adequate food supplies in the event of a no-deal scenario. He did not give details but said “it would be wrong to describe it as the government doing the stockpiling” as about 40 percent of the food Britain consumes is imported, the vast majority of it from or via the EU.

Sweltering Londoners forced to take the Underground have found scant comfort in the news from Transport for London that air conditioning is coming to the Central Line – in 2030.Some overground trains are also being forced to operate at reduced speeds because of the risk of tracks buckling.Chiltern Railways trains between London and Oxford are being rescheduled between noon and 18:00 BST each day until Friday.

Hospitals, too, have been affected by the heat.

Kim Sun-Lee, national officer at the Royal College of Nursing, told the BBC: “We know wards are reaching over 30C, nurses are feeling sick, dizzy, having problems with their concentration.”And that then does have an impact on how they care for their patients, making decisions around drugs calculations and just generally doing a physical occupation.”