Unilever Charging Extra 10% From Tesco Following Brexit Effect On Pound

Brexit seems started showing effect. Tesco has pulled several products including Marmite, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, PG Tips tea bags, Lynx body spray and Persil washing powder as well from its website following a pricing row with major food and household goods supplier Unilever.

With the move hashtag #MarmiteGate has started trending on Twitter.

It is reported the supplier is attempting to charge extra 10 percent from Tesco due to devaluation of pound against euro as well as the USD since Britons voted in favor of Brexit earlier this year in June.

According to Unilever’s chief financial officer Graeme Pitkethly, the price hike of their goods is due to devaluation-led cycle.

Meanwhile, social media has been flooded with posts by Maritime fans showing photos of shelves being emptied. On eBay Marmite have gone on sale for up to 4 million pound, but no bids are seen being placed as of now while composing this news.

One of the Marmite jars put on sale is described as “Rare 2016 genuine retail Marmite jar.” The description accompanied the listing further reads, “One of the last remaining examples of this fabled product in private hands. Unsealed, it is in the same condition it was when it was plucked from the supermarket shelf. Little did I know it would be the last Marmite I ever bought – and now, you, too, can buy your last ever Marmite.”

Earlier, British Prime Minister Theresa May said she is siding with Britons who voted for Brexit and warned MPs to respect what has been voted.