mother's day gift ideas

Unusual Mother’s Day Presents for Special Moms

Shopping for unusual Mother’s Day presents can be a real challenge. Most stores sell the tried-and-true basics like candy, flowers, perfume, and jewelry. This year, however, you may want to show the moms in your life how truly special they are with unique Mother’s Day gifts that will surprise them.

To choose unusual Mother’s Day presents for the special moms in your life, put thought into what they enjoy. Too often, people consider only what would come in handy for the gift recipient. Some of the best gifts are those that hone in on the recipient’s hobbies or interests.

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts of Wine

If you have a wine connoisseur on your Mother’s Day list, consider giving her a personalized bottle of wine. Many specialty wine websites offer wine with customized labels. Choose a wine type that is sure to tempt her, and then create a personalized label for it. Some personalized wine websites allow you to upload images to be included on the label as well. If you prefer to give an engraved bottle, there are companies that also offer this option. You may even add an electric wine bottle opener to make enjoying this gift easy.

Activity-Based Gifts for Mother’s Day

Instead of buying flowers or taking the mom on your list out to dinner, step it up this year with a night on the town. Moms of all ages may enjoy a seeing a play or going to a concert. A trip to see a popular museum exhibit may fit the bill as well. Don’t overlook the idea of taking her on a river cruise or to a dinner theater. The important thing is thinking about what the mom on your list will enjoy rather than what you want to give her. If she loves to laugh, for instance, tickets to a comedy show may provide a perfect fit.

The Gift of Learning

When you’re trying to come up with unusual Mother’s Day presents, be sure to consider things the mom on your list has always wanted to try. Does she have a hankering to learn oil painting, become a computer whiz, or learn Japanese cooking techniques? Spring for her to take a class. Has she always wanted to take ballroom dance classes or considered learning to belly dance? Sign her up. Even a craft workshop may prove to be a wonderful gift for a mom who is yearning to explore her creative side.

Sweet Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

Many moms do enjoy sweet treats for the palate and the eye, and you don’t have to exclude them in your search for fabulous but unusual Mother’s Day presents. Instead, give some thought to giving a sweet treat with a twist. For example, instead of giving a basic Mother’s day cake, give cupcakes or cookies shaped like lip gloss, makeup compacts, fancy shoes, or even her favorite flower. Instead of flowers, give her a fruit, cookie, or candy bouquet this year. If the mom on your list has a close and loving relationship with chocolate, you might even decide to make homemade chocolate–in fancy shapes–and pack them in a decorative box. Often, the personal touch is priceless.