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US Warns Citizens From Traveling To Pakistan

United States released a new travel assessment on Wednesday for its citizens traveling to Pakistan, warning to reconsider visiting the country.

Lately relations between the two nations have been nosedived following the tweet of President Donald Trump on January 1 about Pakistan not doing enough against the home-grown terror outfits.

The tweet was following by decline of any security aid to Pakistan unless actions are taken against the terrorist groups in the country.

The US State Department has also placed Pakistan in the third category in its advisory. Certain regions have been downgraded to even fourth category like the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan have been declared as the most dangerous places to visit.

The department said terrorist groups are active in these regions and could attack foreigners with little or no warning.

There are four categories in terms of threat perception in the threat advisory and category three for Pakistan means danger to visit for US citizens.

Pakistan’s neighboring country is placed in the second category and this mean travelers need to exercise increased caution due to terrorism and crime.

Ties with US and India is robust while that of US and Pakistan is suffering downfall.

Pakistan Defence Minister lately said they have stopped military and intelligence cooperation with the US.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump said Pakistan must take decisive action against terror groups including the Haqqani Network and Afghan Taliban.

It is learned through sources the suspended assistance includes $900 million in Coalition Support Funds (CSF) that was authorized for 2017, and $255 million in foreign military sales assistance that stands frozen from 2016.