Using Technology to Pitch Ideas Effectively

Using Technology to Pitch Ideas Effectively

Convincing people to believe in what you are saying is a tall order. Even if you feel like you have the best ideas, you cannot expect everyone else to feel the same way. Therefore, it helps if you use the tools available at your disposal to convince others to buy your pitch. Take advantage of technology when doing your pitch.

Research online thoroughly

 It was quite tricky doing presentations in the past since you needed to visit a library or find sources to back your claims. Today, you can utilise the information available online if you want accurate sources to prove that your ideas will work. You could also use the result of your research to answer questions from people who doubt that your plan will turn out fine.

Create interesting slides

 When you want to convince people to listen to you, it helps if you use visual aids like slides. It is not good if you speak for an hour and you force everyone to listen to what you say. It is painful listening to one person for quite a long time. The slides need to be interesting if you want to capture people’s attention and make them listen to you. Find designs that are appealing but not too overwhelming. Limit the words and use impressive graphics.

Place all the details of what you presented in a single file

Technology to Pitch Ideas Effectively

 Not everyone you want to believe in your ideas might attend the presentation. It helps if you provide them with data that they might review during their spare time. You could also record your presentation so that those who did not attend could still listen to what they missed. Place everything in one file and obtain a link to share the information quickly.

Decorate the meeting room

 If you intend to use the meeting room to present your ideas, it needs to be the perfect place. Sometimes, the ambience of the room could help change people’s minds. Make sure there is enough room for people to listen and relax. Do not cram them into the space, especially if there are tons of attendees. They might feel uncomfortable and unwilling to listen to what you say.

You might also need to buy a projector mount like the ones supplied by so that everyone can see your slides. If the meeting room is big, you want those at the back to see the content. Do not forget to provide snacks during the meeting to help people feel relaxed and engaged to listen. 

Create a prototype or at least a visual representation

 Instead of simply presenting all your ideas on what you want to happen, you could give everyone a glimpse of the end product. You can create a prototype that people in the room can touch. With the availability of 3D printing, it is now possible. You could also show them a sample through an enhanced image that looks like the real deal.

You want to convince people to believe in your ideas, and you need to work hard to get their attention.