Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan

Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan Quits SNL

Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan are leaving Saturday Night Live following this weekend’s Season 42 finale. Both have been the longest-serving cast members.

There is no direct mention about their quitting, but the pair of talent sketch comics are sure to remember their fairwell as the episode is dedicated to them.

The two will protray Millwood High School seniors in the final sketch alongside Beck Benett and Kyle Mooney.

Moynihan joined Saturday Night Live in 2008 and now he will be featured in CBS’ Me, Myself and I in the fall.

Bayer announced Saturday morning about her quitting the show through an Instagram post writing, “Thank you SNL for 7 years of laughs, love and incredible memories. It has been a dream come true.”

Both have appeared in almost every sketch of the show since joining and in one episode Bayer killed a funniest fake ads of the season. She played the role of a wildly annoying socialite and was entertained by boyfriend who had given her a diamond-encrusted Fidget Spinner.

The best of Moynihan in SNL was when he played a professional wrestler Trashyard Mutt and he was seen shooting promo opposite his nemesis Koko WatchOut.

However, their best was when Moynihan reprised Drunk Uncle, his beloved character and Bayer played a nervous, babbling meteorologist Dawn Lazarus during the Weekend Update.

Bayer debuted the character of Lazarus just two episodes ago.