Victoria Beckham Spotted Dining And Hiding At Bluebird Restaurant In London

Victoria Beckham tried going incognito in a pair of oversized sunglasses on Thursday while speeding out of upmarket Bluebird restaurant in London’s Chelsea towards her car.

Sources say she was treating herself to another fine dining experience after a rare date with her husband David Beckham an evening before.

The former Spice Girls singer was clad in a simple white vest top and she accessorised her personality with a statement gold bangle.

The 42-year-old star left her brunette locks down loose and slick of clear lipgloss was easily visible from far away. She looked as if she meant business as she was on a call on her mobile phone and the car sped off.

On Wednesday evening the high profile pair was in black outfits and tried to sneak into Cafe de Paris in London.

The 41-year-old former footballer had held the hand of Victoria and walked into the venue for a birthday party.

The fashion designer wore oversized tinted shades to hide her eyes and was dressed in slick dress that had mid-length cut to reveal her legs. Her high heels were missing, but probably to match the height of her husband, who looked cool in a suave long coat and a Bakerboy cap.

The duo attended 45th birthday party of dance teacher and former model Jo Manoukian, who is married to American businessman Rafi Manoukian, and has been close friends with Elle Macpherson, Gordon Ramsay and Elton John.

Rafi is one of the richest men of Britain and in 2009 was worth up to £250 million.