Virtual Reality Shopping

Virtual Reality Shopping Emerging To Offer Physical Store Experience

Online shopping is heading towards next-generation. Soon virtual reality may come into existence widely to offer comfortable buying along with experience of going into a store.

Some experiments have already kicked off and not to forget the initial attempt of China’s Alibaba, which launched Buy+ in 2016 to facilitate physical shopping virtually.

With Alibaba’s Buy+ shoppers can wander around a store, look for products and add the selected ones to a cart.

A report revealed 30,000 excited online shoppers tried the new shopping platform an hour after the launching.

Virtual reality shopping is not expensive from shoppers’ end. The only additional device needed apart from a smartphone is a virtual reality headset.

The VR headset comes at as low as $10 and as much as few hundreds of dollars. You can get Google Cardboard for $10 and an Oculus Rift may be expensive.

Amazon too is learned developing the technology in an attempt to increase the sales further.

Last year Ikea allowed users to design their own kitchens with the help of a HTC Vive handset.

Similarly Audi too presented cars in showrooms with the help of same device.

eBay Australia too designed first virtual reality department store teaming up with Myer.

Amid dozens of attempts from several companies the Ikea version of VR shopping became a bit successful and it gives the feel of a more immersive version of Google Street View.

Meanwhile, smaller companies including Gatsby too are working to develop virtual reality shopping platform.