Washington warns Venezuela

Washington warns Venezuela for any threat against diplomats

Washington warned Monday Venezuela for any threats against the American diplomats in the country as well as to the opposition leader Juan Guaido, who lately self-declared as legitimate president.

The warning of National Security Adviser John Bolton comes days after United States and at least twenty more countries recognized opposition leader as interim president.

Venezuela’s political crisis could reach to boiling point while Guaido is trying to unseat President Nicolas Maduro. He urged the people to hold anti-government protests on Wednesday.

Maduro was sworn in for a second term after an election that was boycotted by the opposition party.

Top military representative to the US said Sunday is recognizing Guaido as the president of Venezuela instead of Maduro.

Several European countries including United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain said Saturday to be recognizing Guaido as president if fresh elections are not held within eight days.

However, Maduro has rejected saying his country is not tied to Europe and this is complete insolence.

Last Thursday Maduro broke off relations with Washington for supporting Guaido and ordered the diplomats to leave the country within 72 hours.

Later, Maduro lifted the order allowing the American diplomats 30-day window for both the countries to set up interest offices, which are set when two countries have no formal diplomatic relations.

Venezuelan army stands beside Maduro.

Turkey, Mexico, China and Russia have emerged backing Maduro.

Venezuela is currently going through economic crisis. People are facing shortages of basic essentials and hyperinflation.