Ways to Make Your Presentation Interactive and Engaging

Ways to Make Your Presentation Interactive and Engaging

Being a speaker during a presentation does not mean you only have the floor to yourself. It is also essential to share the floor with the people listening to you. It will be boring if you keep speaking without knowing if the others still want to hear what you have to say.

When planning your presentation, you need to consider how it will be interactive and engaging. If you have an hour or so to present, it is impossible for you to hold everyone’s attention until the end. At some point, they will feel sleepy and start doing other things. These tips will help you make them feel engaged until your presentation is over.

Start with an icebreaker

 You can encourage everyone to stand and do some stretching exercises. You can also ask them to sing some actions songs or an energizer. You need to start with the right activity to keep everyone engaged until the end. If you have a small audience, you can ask everyone to introduce themselves, or you can have an introduction activity that is short but fun.

Tell interesting stories

 When you tell stories, you make everyone listen to what you have to say. They can’t obtain this information anywhere else, so they will feel compelled to listen to you. Stories can also capture hearts. You will maintain people’s attention if you talk to them emotionally instead of delivering an academic speech until the end.

Use videos

 You don’t need to speak all the time if you can pause for a while to play a video. People will feel interested in watching the video and analysing it. The video does not have to be extended if you have a lot more to say. Find a clip that you find interesting. Show it to the people in your team and ask them about how they feel. If they have a strong response to the video, the listeners during your presentation might also feel the same.

Ask questions

 Make Your Presentation Interactive and Engaging

 Giving information is the meat of your presentation. However, you also need to give people the chance to ask questions. Perhaps, the information they want to know is not available in your speech. You can make the presentation interactive because of the question and answer session.

Poll the audience

 You can also ask general questions and let everyone have a show of hands if they agree or disagree with your statement. You give them the chance to think and react by polling them even if you don’t give them the opportunity to explain their response.

Conduct some games

 You can play games before you start your presentation. You can also have an interactive activity that happens throughout the presentation. People will feel enticed to listen to you if there is a game that captures their attention.

Use visual aids 

You don’t need to speak all the time if a part of the information you are sharing is available in the presentation folders. People can listen to you and look at the folders for reference. Even if they missed what you said, they could search for the information in the folder you gave them.

It is not easy capturing people’s attention during a presentation, but you can make it interactive and fun.