What Happens When Creative Photography and Human Emotion Collide The Answer is Simple Bing Luo

What Happens When Creative Photography and Human Emotion Collide? The Answer is Simple: Bing Luo

There are so many things in our universe that were created by simply combining powerful elements. The water that is essential for our world and our bodies to survive is made of two molecules of hydrogen combined with one molecule of oxygen. When we mix the metals copper and tin together, we get bronze which has been used for centuries to decorate lavish palaces and create ornate statues. 

And furthermore, what would our world be without a glass of wine to go with our platter of cheese?

So many things around us have increased value and importance simply because we have certain aspects of our universe that have been mixed together either by our own doing or by nature itself. 

The innovative skill set that Bing Luo brings us when he merges a camera with his raw talent and foresight is a powerful combination as well and has introduced an approach to photography that is both stimulating and exhilarating.

Bing is originally from Shanghai, China but then came to the United States where he spent several years taking part in photoshoots for multiple magazines and well known individuals in the Los Angeles area. During this time, his popularity grew and many influencers in the fashion world specifically began to take notice of his incredible style and how it differentiated so much from the norm. 

He has been able to master the ability to grab the true essence of someone’s feelings and emotions and bring it to life through pictures. His unique style allows him to capture his images in a way that makes it almost impossible to ignore after the first glance. Looking through his portfolios has the feel of being in a museum where the visitor is led through a series of thought provoking items that bring forth intrigue mixed with excitement. 

One of his major breakthroughs was to be able to have his work printed in Vogue Magazine which was quite an honor for him but also additional confirmation to himself and the world that he is a force unlike no other behind a camera.  

One of Bing Luo’s approaches to photography is in the way in which he views the world around him. Whether it be a person, a flower or trees, they are all part of nature according to Bing and therefore share a common flow of being shaped and reshaped over time. 

His photoshoots for both Vogue and PAP fashion magazines incorporated his talent in combining the use of floral patterns with human features and emotions that released an explosion of creativity combined with the serenity of nature. 

This type of ingenious flair is what continues to push Bing to higher levels in the world of photography and fuels his notoriety more and more. At the time of this writing, his work has been featured in over 15 well known fashion magazines and he has made the cover of 5 of these publications which include MALVIE Magazine, Faddy Magazine, Moevir Magazine, Fienfh Magazine and PUMP Magazine.  The most interesting part about Bing Luo is that this is only the beginning for him. To accomplish so much in such a short period of time is astounding and truly shows the talent that he carries inside. We can’t wait to see what is next for Bing and know that wherever he goes, he will leave an indelible impression.