What not to buy for wife or girlfriend

What not to buy for wife or girlfriend

Gift buying for a woman can be tricky. While every woman is different, following is a list of gifts that will not be appreciated by most women. The only exception to this is if a woman specifically asks for one of these items. Otherwise, do not buy them as gifts!

Things to Avoid Buying for Women

Diet products. Although it may be well-intentioned, do not buy a three-month supply of Slim-Fast or over the counter diet pills. Even if the wife or girlfriend in question has been complaining about her weight, she will not see this as helpful, just hurtful.

Gym membership or exercise equipment, for the same reason as above. It may seem supportive to purchase items like that, especially if the woman has been idly talking about firming up, but it will come across as wanting her to change. And every woman wants to believe that she is loved just as she is.

Adult videos or magazines. Enough said.

Gifts to Think Twice About Buying for a Wife or Girlfriend

Impersonal gifts, such as towels or a new set of pots, are not going to go over well with most women. Again, the exception to this is if a woman asks for those things. But most women are hoping for romance on Valentine’s Day, not a reminder of the endless laundry they will have to do. Flowers or chocolate will generally go over much better than a vacuum cleaner.

Another tricky gift can be clothes. Don’t try to guess a woman’s size! Look in the closet for an outfit she wears and check the size on that. Buying clothes too big can be insulting, as a woman may think she appears larger than she is, and buying clothes that are too small may seem like a hint to lose weight. It’s a tough balance.

Unless a woman likes sexy underwear or lingerie, do not buy it for her! Again, it may seem like asking her to change or act like someone she’s not, and for those who are self conscious about their bodies, it can be very embarrassing.

The key to buying good gifts for women is not to purchase things that seem to imply they need improvement or that it would be nice if they were someone else. Impersonal household gifts are also romance killers. If unsure what the woman in question would like, ask her mother, girlfriend or co-worker. If still unsure, jewelry, flowers, and nice dinners out are usually appreciated by many women.