What to Consider After Moving into Your New Home

What to Consider After Moving into Your New Home

There’s so much to think about when moving that the risk of something going wrong or an area being neglected is always high. Even for the most organised of people, there’s always a chance that you might be forgetting something on your to-do list. Use the following as a checklist for important areas you should consider when moving into your new home.

Checking Your Inventory

If you have a large number of boxes to accompany you, use an official moving company. Once you have moved, you’ll want to check that nothing has been forgotten, left on the truck, or even damaged in transit. The sooner you check this, the better so that you can notify the removal company immediately.

insurance and protection What to Consider After Moving into Your New Home

Protecting Your Future

If you’re buying, property is a huge investment, both financially and for you and your family down the line. As with any asset, it’s important to protect it. You might want to consider the legal services of a family law solicitor in Cardiff in order to take steps to gain the right insurance and protection options for your property and your belongings.

Arranging Your Utilities

A lot is taken for granted these days in the form of basic electricity and heating. You may have been organised enough already to arrange your utilities beforehand so that they are up and running for your move date, but if you haven’t managed to do so yet, this should be at the top of your priority list after arriving.

Arrange for your water, gas, electric and even your internet to be running as soon as possible so that you can begin settling in.

Prioritising Your Unpacking What to Consider After Moving into Your New Home

Prioritising Your Unpacking

The chances of you sufficiently unpacking everything and putting it in its proper place during the first day of the move is highly unlikely, which is why you should unpack the most needed items first. You don’t want to spend all day arranging your bookshelves if it gets to midnight and you realise that you haven’t yet unpacked or rebuilt your bed for you to get a good night’s sleep.

Consider what’s most important to unpack first, such as a place to sleep, clothes to wear, toiletries to wash and kitchen items; utensils to cook food and a kettle to keep you fuelled with tea or coffee throughout the day.

Cleaning and Surveying

It may seem counterproductive to clean before you’re about to make a complete mess unpacking all your belongings, but this depends entirely on the condition the house has been left in before you moved in. It may be a good idea to take advantage of cleaning the space where furniture is going to go before you put it in its place by giving it a quick hoover.

It’s also a good idea to have a walk around the property before anything is unpacked and check for damage or any issues, big or small. If you are renting, these issues need to be photographed and reported to your landlord, and if you are buying, they need to be rectified by you as soon as possible.