What to pack for cruise to Alaska

Alaskan cruises usually include land excursions that may involve hiking, climbing, boating, rafting, and even dogsledding on a glacier tour. So in addition to packing for cruise ship activities, it is necessary to include clothing for outdoor adventure activities. Expect some wind and rain along the coastline, and colder temperatures near the glaciers.

What to Bring for an Alaskan CruiseThe key to packing is planning. Use luggage that is easy to carry or that has wheels. Pack clothing that can be layered and include raingear. Temperatures can range from the 30s to the 70s Fahrenheit. As the weather changes, it will be simple to add or remove a layer of clothing and remain comfortable. Also, pack items that can be used in several combinations.

For example, pack slacks that can be mixed with several different shirts or blouses, and pack a skirt that can be dressed up or worn casual. A man’s blazer can be casual worn with a sports shirt, and made more formal with a dress shirt and tie.

Pack a regular suitcase, and take an overnight bag as well. The cruise line typically takes the luggage when passengers board and delivers it to the rooms later that day. Passengers may keep overnight bags with them. The night before disembarkation, luggage is collected again and delivered to passengers as they check out.

Most cruise ships have laundry service. It may be smart to pack less, and plan to do one or two loads of laundry onboard. They also have irons and blow dryers, so it’s not necessary to pack those appliances.

Bring a cell phone to use on land and in ports. Don’t forget the phone charger. The satellite link from the ship will be expensive, but if necessary, it is a way to contact someone at home. Laptops are optional. The ship will charge a fee to use the wireless network, so check the guidelines before leaving.

Rooms on the cruise ships have mini-safes for valuables. If something is too big for the room safe, or if something is extremely valuable, it can be stored with the purser in the ship’s safe.

A flashlight is a good item to bring if one is staying in an inside cabin. Another option is to have a nightlight. Typically, there are not many outlets, so it’s worthwhile to pack a power strip.