What’s Hot On Cinema Listings UK

Do you know what’s hot in the movie scene today? Well let that eager beaver in you get the hottest on cinema listings UK right now as we bring you only the trending films you ought to be marveling on in the silver screen.

You can’t be wondering if 22 Jump Street is among the tops movies to watch these days especially on the comedy category. With Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill around, it’s almost quite impossible that this movie will be a complete disappointment. Well okay, removing the “almost”; it is impossible that this movie won’t make you laugh and of course fall for Channing Tatum. It is not at all a high budget film but I bet the revenue is going to be just fine for the creators and producers of this one because it’s totally hilarious! So if you’re looking for some action that will make you laugh, watch this.

Moreover, Angelina Jolie totally nailed one of the top movies to watch on with her amazing role on Maleficent. Disney did a great job on winning both young and adults on this movie. This for sure is going to bag a lot of cash because it has both earned respect and adoration from children and of course their parents. It is true what they say in Hollywood that if you want to really make money in the movie industry, make it something for kids and that has never failed so far. And you would have to agree after seeing it that Robert Stromberg did an amazing job directing it.

And finally, if you want to watch Scarlett Johansson in a very much refined English accent, Under the Skin is a must-see. This sci-fi drama will give you mix emotions. It’s science fiction with a mix of art so prepare your artistic minds to interpret it as well. There’s not much lines going on really on this movie for her but there is so much work on reacting and her facial expressions that will stun you eventually. Knowing Scarlett Johansson, if she’s in the movie then you must expect seduction and sexuality to be a part of it. It is definitely a daring film and at the same time intellectual.

Get ready to be entertained and be blown away by this list of amazing movies to watch this season. It’s never too late to get a chance to see them in the silver screen to experience their full effect.


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