WhatsApp Testing Feature To Re-Download Deleted Photos

Deleting media files from WhatsApp may sometime bother users and try to hunt tricks how to retrieve the images and videos. The Facebook-owned company now has an answer to the issue, but it will take some more time beforing releasing the feature on the public version of its app.

However, users can become a part of its testing programme and enjoy re-downloading deleted photos and clips.

Users need to enroll themselves to become a part of its beta testing for Android app. If the phase seems disturbing, opting out is easier too. Simply uninstall the testing version and download the public version of the app from Google Play Store.

Currently the downloaded media is saved in a separate folder at users’ device and once deleted cannot be retrieved. In the updated app a download button is learned to be appearing on the deleted file to enable downloading those again, several times, but within the period of three months.

WhatsApp will be storing the media files on its database for three months and so users can re-download those within the period. Downlading will not be possible beyong an expiry date.

Meanwhile, security question would be raised if WhatsApp starts storing data of users on its server.

WhatsApp said as data is encrypted end-to-end, the security question is not relevant.

The company added it does not snoop on the messages, but can distinguish between types of media files

Release date of the new feature on public version is yet to be disclosed.