Wonder Woman's Lynda Carter

Where Is Wonder Woman’s Lynda Carter now

The unforgettable Wonder Woman aired for three action-packed seasons between 1975 and 1979. Starring the virtually unknown, former beauty pageant winner Lynda Carter as the formidable Amazon warrior, the show garnered a legion of loyal fans who are still fanatical about it today.

Based on DC Comic’s iconic character, Amazonian Princess Diana (i.e. Wonder Woman) travelled to the USA with Major Steve Trevor; magically infused belt and bullet-deflecting bracelets in tow, ready to battle Nazis and the occasional shifty space alien. The show borrowed heavily from other comic strip TV series of the day, particularly Batman, but stood out from the pack due to the ass-kicking female lead. Let’s face it, Adam West never looked this good in tights.

Princess Diana/Diana Prince – Played by Lynda Carter

Working incognito as Yeoman Diana Prince, Wonder Woman could spin into her constricting costume whenever danger appeared (which beats the hell out of ripping your shirt open in a phone box). Her Wonder Woman guise gave her special powers including super strength and speed. And let’s not forget her coveted accessories. Which little girl in the late seventies didn’t want her own golden Lasso of Truth or belt and bracelets made of Feminum, the Amazon metal that gave Wonder Woman her powers?

Lynda Carter’s career began when she won the Miss World USA beauty pageant in 1972, but she had her sights firmly set on becoming an actor. Lynda, 58, attended acting classes in New York, eventually winning roles on Bob Hope USO and Starsky and Hutch. Her breakthrough role was, of course, that of feisty hotpants-lover, Wonder Woman in 1975.

Lynda continued to take on a variety of acting roles throughout the eighties, most notably 1983’s Rita Hayworth biopic, Love Goddess; Partners in Crime and Hawkeye. She also starred in a string of her own television specials.

After singing in a Wonder Woman episode, Lynda turned her considerable talents to music and recorded the album, Portrait in 1978. The two songs featured in the show were included and one of them, Toto (Don’t It Feel Like Paradise), was released as a single.

Lynda reappeared on both the big and small screen in the noughties after a lengthy period spent away from the spotlight; starring in 2001 comedy, Super Troopers, 2005’s remake of The Dukes of Hazzard and a 2007 episode of Smallville. Lynda also returned to music, releasing her second album, a jazz and blues combo aptly called At Last, in 2009 – a full thirty years after her debut hit the charts.

Music and theatre seems to be where Lynda’s heart currently lies. In November 2005 she completed a three month stint in London’s West End, playing Mama Morton in Chicago. She has also toured with a one woman show and sold out venues such as Washington’s The Kennedy Center.

Lynda later was married to second husband and father to her two children.