Wheterspoons Pub Chain

Wheterspoons Pub Chain Bans Dog Entry

From Monday dogs will be not allowed to all the pubs (nearly 1,000) of Wheterspoons, biggest pub chain in the country. The policy existed since 1979 but was not enforced and the new move cites even well-behaved ones can be unpredictable even though all dog owner thinks their dog is perfect.

The chain announced the rule will be strictly followed across all its outlets in the country from September 10.

Wetherspoons spokesman Eddie Gershon said lot of families, children and younger children are welcomed in their outlets and hence dogs should not be allowed as many are scared of dogs.

However, guide dogs and assistance dogs are not barred but owners are advised to justify through documents and explain the dog is for a purpose.

About the policy Wetherspoons said, “While we are fond of dogs, we permit only registered assistance dogs inside our pubs and hotels.”

The policy adds owners should ensure the dog wears recognizable leash/collar or harness.

Meanwhile, it is important to note some of the Wetherspoons pubs though allow dogs into the garden and/or other external areas, and owners are suggested to check with the respective outlets before visiting with dog.

Following the announcement mixed reactions have been poured and one woman said it is not understood why people bring dogs to pubs as it is not evident the dogs like being there.

One more comment on twitter read not to trust a pub that does not allow dogs into it.

A dog owner said ban the kids if they are scared of dogs.