Will.I.Am quits The Voice despite increased pay offer by BBC bosses
The Voice coach Will.I.Am is allegedly not returning to the talent competition show, despite BBC bosses’ higher pay offer, according to sources.

Will.I.Am quits The Voice despite increased pay offer by BBC bosses

London, U.K. – After four years as a coach, Will.I.Am is quitting his role in the television show The Voice, according to reports.

Aged 40, the Black Eyed Peas star told BBC bosses his desire of quitting his job as a coach, saying he will no longer return to the talent competition’s fifth series once the filming starts the following month.

Based on reports from the Daily Star, the producers of the TV show were desperate for the star to change his mind. He was allegedly offered with higher pay just to stay, but he turned it down, saying it’s time that he’d move on.

The show producers had lost Rita Ora to the X Factor this year, hence, they are doing everything they could in persuading Will to stay and continue his coaching job, according to reports.

Since the show initially hit the screens in 2012, the original mentor has become a permanent fixture, but reports indicate that Will.I.Am feels ‘miffed’ as there are no contestants who have gone on successfully after their appearance on The Voice.

Will also works as a record producer, collaborating with the likes of Rhianna, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. However, he is said to be confused over the effect the show’s winning contestants, not to mention Leah McFall, his own act who has failed in making it to the music industry.

Sources have contacted the celebrity for comments, and according to them, the celebrity is in the middle of discussions with the show producers, although said he’d not return to the show this year.

Sources also said that Will felt disappointed regarding Rita Ora’s departure from the show, along with the frustrations that The Voice has not produced an international star yet. Will allegedly told BBC bosses that he’d done every achievement in the show.

Tips indicate that Jason Derulo would replace Will.I.Am after topping the UK charts with four number one singles.