national emergency

Will Trump be announcing national emergency tonight

The US partial government shutdown is now leading to 32nd active national emergency and address of President Trump to the nation Tuesday night may get an announcement.

Trump has been claiming the illegal immigrants are streaming across the border even though data reveals the illegal border crossings have reduced over the period of past two decades. In 2018 the figure was 400,000 while in 2000 it was 1.6 million. The recession is said to have removed many jobs that would have been filled by the immigrants.

The figure was at decade low in 2017 with 310,000 illegal immigrants.

The push for US-Mexico border wall means Trump wants to keep people away. Lately he wanted to convince the nation, but it is misrepresented.

It is also to understand that most of the illegal immigrants don’t come on food through US border, but they outstay their visas. About two-thirds of people are undocumented.

If Trump wants to keep the illegal people away from the US, he needs to tackle such problem too. The work should be more than concentrating on the border.

It is similar to the idea of suspected terrorists who crosses the border with Mexico en masse, but it is to notice that most of those are caught at airports.

Apart from all these, the announcement of national emergency may land Trump into legal challenge. The Democrats have already threatened doing it.

However, it is yet not very clear how such a step would play out.