World Day Against Cyber Censorship Marked With Ads Unblocking By AdBlock

Yesterday was World Day Against Cyber Censorship and for 24 hours banners were unblocked by AdBlock. Throughout the day it showed advertisements from Amnesty International, Edward Snowden, Ai Weiwei and Pussy Riot.

AdBlock currently has about 50 million users and all were shown the ads across the Internet.

According to CEO Gabriel Cubbage, they showed the banners on March 12 to make users be part of the conversation about online privacy.

Cubbage added, “But take a moment to consider that in an increasingly information driven world, when your right to digital privacy is threatened, so is your right to free expression.”

He mentioned further that there are billions of people who are always under the monitoring of their respective government for the content they are accessing over the internet. Some of such countries include China, United States, United Kingdom and North Korea.

However, there are also such people who try convincing others that blocking of ads is a kind of censorship as well as attack on diversity.

Something might look contradictory here as most of the people don’t want to see banners and ads that promises, “One Weird Trick To Lose 60 Pounds In Three Days.”

More to all these, the adblockers help in protecting the system from malicious scripts.

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