You May Not Know It, But ‘Obvious Child’ Is Your Next Obsession

If you’ve only heard a little about “Obvious Child,” you probably know that it’s a movie that involves abortion, a topic not exactly known for its place in romantic comedies. You may have even heard “Obvious Child” referred to as an abortion movie.

If you listened beyond that you probably heard that “Obvious Child” is one of the smartest, most hilarious and honest movies to hit theaters in a long time.

The film, which stars “SNL” alum Jenny Slate, is only opening in limited release today (June 6), but it’s only a matter of time before it’s playing near you and — if you happen to see it — taking over your life.

“Obvious Child” tells the story of Donna, a Brooklyn-based stand-up comedian that goes through a break up and doesn’t take it particularly well. (See below)

That night of boozy voicemails is quickly followed by an evening of rebound sex with a sweet guy (Jake Lacy from “The Office”) who also happens to be a total stranger. And since I’ve already mentioned that this movie involves abortion, you probably have an idea of what happens next.

I say “involves abortion” because what “Obvious Child” does not do is “deal with abortion,” the moralistic task that many other rom-coms have attempted in the past. For as consistently funny as the film is throughout, writer-director Gillian Robespierre approaches the topic in a way that’s honest and progressive without ever being preachy or agenda-driven.

Donna’s story involves abortion, but it’s never about it. The worst part about having to make that distinction is that it takes attention away from how funny “Obvious Child” is. Slate and Lacy work perfectly off of each other, with a rhythm that feels natural and always charming.

With its limited release “Obvious Child” isn’t going to take over the world this weekend, but it’s exactly the kind of movie that finds people who will want to share it with everyone they know.

“Obvious Child” is in select theaters now.

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