Your Guide to Making the Perfect Moving Trip

Your Guide to Making the Perfect Moving Trip

The short answer is: There is no perfect moving plan. As much as you follow a detailed list, something could always go wrong. But it doesn’t hurt to prepare wisely for the worst. Planning to move to another home is one of the most stressful tasks a homeowner can do, it requires immense patience, courage, and a dash of emotional stability. If you’re making the change to a different home, here are three essential steps for you to follow to reduce problems as much as possible during your transition.

Save the date

Most screw-ups during a move are due to having a lousy calendar of events; this could eventually lead to having to deal with matters in your old home even when you’ve already settled in at your new home. It only becomes a greater hassle when you realise that you’re making long trips back and forth when you could’ve easily dealt with it while you were still around. Setting up a clear timeline of events for you to follow leading up to your moving day and the transitioning weeks after can remind you if you have anything to settle before and after the move.

To make it easier on you, classify your calendar to pre-move, moving date, and post-move, to categorise the things that you have to deal with including dealing with mortgages, packing for the trip, and settling down in your new home. Start your relocation calendar around three to six months before your move date.

Organising your bearings

buying too many boxes for moving

After having arranged your schedule, you will next have to deal with categorising your valuables from least fragile to most fragile. A smart way of organising your items is by adequately labelling them and making sure that you make the most out of empty spaces. Using drawers to store clothes, books, and other compact pieces can help you out and avoid buying too many boxes for moving.

Make sure to use packaging paper to wrap your furniture items so that they will not unintentionally scratch and damage each other during the trip. Save your boxes for fragile and valuable objects as it would be unwise to keep them inside the moving truck unprotected. You never know how bumpy the journey from one place to the other could be. Having a log of what items will be inside which boxes or drawers could help you backtrack on lost items or broken furniture.

Hiring the movers

Once you’ve successfully dealt with organising and preparing for the trip itself, you must deal with the movers. It’s a smart move to contact them early in the process so that you can compare prices from other removal services. Whether you’re moving from one end of the UK to another, or locally, moving services like MoveCorp, based in Birmingham, can attend to your relocation needs even from across the nation. Once you’ve decided on the best service provider for your needs, you can opt to purchase insurance, storage services, or packing services to help you in your transition.