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YouTuber Opens Fire At YouTube HQ In San Bruno; Injures 3; Kills Herself

Vegan resident Nasim Najafi Aghdam stormed onto YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, California, on Tuesday with a 9 mm handgun injuring three, one in critical condition, and killing herself.

The 39-year-old bodybuilder is learned to have criticized YouTube for filtering and discriminating her videos, which led to slipping down revenue.

According to US media, the suspect ran a website and has several channels on Google’s video sharing platform. Her content subjects included animal cruelty, exercise and hand art.

Screenshot in one of the YouTube channels describers Nasim Aghdam as animal rights activist and vegan bodybuilder who promotes healthy and humane lifestyle.

Her YouTube channels, having subsribers in thousands, are in multiple languages including Farsi, Turkish and English. One of her channels named Nasime Sabz has four million views with over 11,000 subscribers.

Her YouTube account was shut down because of severe violations of the platform’s policies against spam and other reasons.

At an animal rights protest in 2009 she was quoted by media saying, “For the animal right equals human rights… Just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean we should take advantage of them.”

On Monday her missing complaint was lodged at a police station by her parents as her phone went unanswered for two days.

Early Tuesday morning she was spotted sleeping in a car in a city parking lot, said Mountain View police. The family was informed.

Aghdam’s father said to Bay Area press people her daughter hated the company as it stopped compensating her for her videos.