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Katie Price calls emergency medical help after facelift procedure

This is the third facelift procedure for Katie Price and she looked unrecognizable Thursday. She called emergency medical help following oozing pus due to infection.

Following the cosmetic procedure the 40-year-old is learned to have woke up finding pillowcase covered in yellow discharge.

One source said, “Katie was shocked and in pain and had to call an out of hours NHS doctor… It was a cut behind her ear that got infected and was leaking. It was horrible…”

The source added that the model is in pain though she insists to be happy with the aftercare of the surgery.

Katie Price shared a photo of her on social media while enjoying a day out with mom. She looked unrecognizable and she explained why the changes in her appearance.

The model said, “I know I look unrecognizable here but four days after surgery, so am very swollen and look like an alien. But can’t believe how quick I’m recovering from my surgery from head-to-toe. Excited for the results.”

She urged her fans to wait for some time when she will be sharing comparison pictures of before-and-after surgery.

Katie Price had her surgery in Turkish capital Istanbul and admitted she looked like an alien.

She said, “I’ll always recommend @beclinicbrussels for surgery they have done on me and Frank plovier amazing person and surgeon and also @comfortzonesurgeryofficial for different surgery I’ve recent had done both places amazing [sic].”