Why Kim Kardashian Not Smiling These Days

Has Kim Kardashian these days forgotten to smile in photos? Probably yes. But what is the reason behind it.

It is revealed the pregnant reality TV star says the nasty weight jibes are the reasons she is facing critics over her body-size. This has restricted her to give a smile on cameras.

According to C magazine, the wife of rapper Kanye West has been reading lots of odd comments about her pregnancy, specifically about her weight gain. Those were like why the mother of one can’t stop eating and she has gone 210 pounds.

Kim said some of the comments were really difficult to deal with as she has gone too fat and it is tough to get it off. Earlier she use to smile always when out, but now she realizes the same people are posting stories about her, calling her something that couldn’t be dealt with.

However, amid all the bad comments, Kim recently topped Instagram in terms of having maximum followers. She surpassed 44 million audience defeating Beyonce who is behind her.

Beyonce has 43.9 million followers and Taylor Swift is liked by 43.5 million people on the platform.

Kim’s two sisters too are in the top 10 popular list. Kendal Jenner is at the 7th place with 35.3 million followers and Khloe Kardashian is at the 10th position with 30.5 million players.

Kim’s regular racy photos have given her such popularity on Instagram. After hitting 42 million milestone earlier this year with a racy boob shot.