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Ireland Attracting Companies With Brexit Effect In EU


The race of relocating has begun even before United Kingdom has been announced out of the European Union bloc. The flow of investments has taken exit route from Britain and couple of neighboring countries are now in the beneficial seat.…

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British GDP Slowed To Half Of Forecast In First Quarter

british gdp

The first quarter economic growth of United Kingdom slowed down significantly and economists are now putting up questions whether this is the start of Brexit stagnation. The British GDP from January to March was recorded at 0.3 percent and the…

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UK Property Market Down In First Quarter Of 2017: Report

Since the beginning of 2017 the average home has lost about 1,000 pounds in value in United Kingdom, reports property website Zoopla. It is further said the prices dipped by 0.4 percent in the first quarter of this year, which…

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Amazon To Hire 5K Workforce In UK In 2017


Amazon has lately said to be creating 5,000 more jobs in the United Kingdom by the end of this year and 10,000 more in rest of Europe. The number claimed for UK includes its three fulfilment centers which are scheduled…

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Post-Brexit Non-British May Be Left Stranded At No-Man’s Land

theresa may

In a new update on Brexit it is learned millions of nationals living in the United Kingdom could be left stranded following the completion of withdrawing process of Britain from European Union bloc. EU fears the people will be left…

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Immigrants To UK Must Learn English: Report

Immigrants to Britain should learn English before arriving, said Members of British Parliament. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration published a report on Thursday about the process to integrate the migrants to United Kingdom. Led by former Labour leadership…

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Britons Should Unite During Brexit Process: Theresa May’s Christmas Speech

British PM Theresa May said Friday people should come together to help the country leave European Union successfully. Her upbeat Christmas message looked like an attempt to address the split Britons into supporting Brexit or opposing the same arguing leaving…

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Financial Sector Firms Should Be Offered Brexit Bridge

Just three months are left by when British Prime Minister had earlier promised to be initiating Article 50, the withdrawing process of United Kingdom from European Union. Amid such wait a cross-party group of peers have urged May to offer…

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Britons Spending Biggest In Three Months Despite Brexit Uncertainty

Britons have favored for Brexit and the process will work out for UK to leave EU is yet not certain, but amid all these the people are found spending more. A recent report by Visa and Markit reveals the United…

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Britain To Divorce EU; Obama To Speak With Cameron; Shockwaves Across Global Markets

A historic decision has been made. Britain will leave European Union (EU). Stage has been set with vote tallies of 51.8 percent and 48.2 percent as reported by NBC’s British partner ITV News at 6:05 a.m. local time Friday. This…

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